How it's made (in 5 easy steps)

Do you want a custom made attention grabbing video? Get yours now!


You contact us and we have a talk regarding your project. After agreeing to start the work, you hand us the script. If you don't have it, we can make one for you.


After your final OK on the script, we record the audio track using the most suitable voice. We proceed only after you're 100% happy with the tone and speed.


Our Art Director will create a compelling story board, 100% custom-made for your script. We send it over for approval. During this step you have the power to change the concept and layout of the final animation video.


With the already recorded voice-over and final storyboard in hand, we proceed with creating your unique, hand-drawn viral video.


During the last step of the process, we cut and edit the video in order to perfectly match the soundtrack. Then, we save it and deliver it to you in a Youtube-ready format.

You can always make changes but only before we proceed with the production. For example you can change something in the script only after we have actually recorded the voice-over, or you can change the concept before we actually film the hand-drawn animation, and so forth.

And finally... in about 4 weeks*, we will deliver a finished animated video!