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Tuesday December 6, 2011

Greetings from Switzerland

Let’s say dear guests come on Friday, and the week is hell. Scheduled every evening, the corresponding day belongs to the job. The apartment looks like London in 1945 and the only time to not only clean up and clean, but also to decorate and cook is Friday afternoon.
Then there is only one option: let the guests make their own dinner – and nothing easier than with a Swiss cheese fondue!
Incidentally, the cheese fondue has another decisive advantage that I found out the next morning: it is an extremely good base for an equally large amount of alcohol that flows before and after it – see the mulled wine recipe below!

Typical of traditional Hessian cuisine are not only Ebbelwei, hand cheese and green sauce, but also spices such as caraway or marjoram, which are so popular. Hesse’s sausage and meat specialties in particular are given their typical, unmistakable taste by these two distinctive spice notes. In addition to caraway and marjoram, some typical Hessian dishes also include nutmeg, cloves and garlic.

Hesse is now not as well known for its cuisine as other parts of Germany, but the Hessians can come up with typical Hessian dishes that make your mouth water. The cuisine of the Hessian people is characterized by its diversity. The embossing is quite hearty and of a peasant type. Bread, beans, cabbage, potatoes, leeks, apples and pork or beef provide the basis.

Dishes typical of the Hesse region:

In North Hesse, the North Hessian sausage comes first, in Middle Hesse hearty home cooking like potato salad with cabbage enchants the taste buds, while in South Hesse it becomes even more rustic and original in the culinary arts. In this area you can find variants of bread or yeast cake, the so-called bloatze and blood cake. The fruit cultivation in the Taunus, especially strawberries and apples are cultivated, determines the popularity of the Appelers, the so-called apple wine.

Today I am happy to share this with you to introduce simple vegetarian lasagna recipe. It’s so hearty and full of flavor that your family won’t even miss the meat! It also saves money!

Simple vegetarian lasagna recipe

We have the perfect recipe for Meat Free Monday! You will this meatless lasagna love. It’s really the best veggie lasagna recipe ever. If you’re trying to eat more vegetables or don’t care about meat, this delicious and simple vegetable lasagna recipe won’t disappoint. Not only is it filled with tasty vegetables, it also saves you money if you leave out the meat. Plus, all of the cheeses like ricotta and much more just make this so delicious!

Sweet waffles are very popular and everyone knows them. But there is also hearty waffles.

These are at least as tasty and also go well with many delicious dishes.

For example, savory waffles can consist of potato dough or you can fill them with ham and cheese.

They can be a delicious starter, a small meal in between or a refined side dish to the main course.

Creativity knows no limits.

Ingredients for a hearty waffle batter

Not much is needed to prepare savory waffles. They also go really quickly and are easy and quick to do. And best of all: they always succeed. You need:

Because of their exquisite taste and easy preparation, Georgian dishes have been truly international for a long time. Tell me who hasn’t tried khinkali and kharcho soup or khachapuri?

There is probably not a single person who does not know what these dishes are. But it was Georgia she presented to us, whose people tried to make their kitchen incredibly delicious, original, unforgettable, bright, original.

It is noteworthy that the kitchens of the two parts of Georgia (west and east) differ slightly from each other. If corn flour is baked with delicious tortillas in the west, it consists of thick oatmeal in the east, which is served instead of bread with vegetable or meat dishes..

Ritschie’s recipes with pictures

Wonderful autumn weather, go for a walk or ride the dog?
The main thing is … what is nicer? And then a piece of onion or apple pie at home! Or both

I baked my "quick onion cake" for you:

1 kg of onions
6 eggs
2 cups of sour cream
150 gr bacon (cut into small cubes)
1 – 2 teaspoons of caraway seeds
1 pack of yeast dough (ready-made dough or baking mix "pizza dough")
Salt, pepper, nutmeg

First, the ready-made dough (or the baking mix prepared according to instructions) into one

Autumnal cup crumble with apple and custard

For joy I just jumped on the spot like crazy. Or as Jule put it recently when she happily hopped around the house:
"I have too much energy in my body right now and I have to let it out."

I just uploaded the photo book for Jule, which she will soon get for her big birthday. In it I have put together the most beautiful pictures of the past 10 years for you – as a small memento for later.

I’ve looked at thousands of photos on my computer in the past few days (and nights). It was not uncommon for me to get stuck on one or the other picture and remember the happy holiday / happy event / funny situation – which of course also dragged the whole thing out.

Huhu dear ones,

Before the cookie machine is started at Feinkostpunks in a few weeks, I would definitely like to show you a cake that fits wonderfully in the autumn / winter time. I had had the recipe fluttering around here for months … it was published on the "Reisegabel" website with the comment that it was "really not the time of year for pears" … and that’s right, that was in April. So I waited obediently and then struck in the last week … it was worth it!

In keeping with the cool season, there is a cheesecake with an autumn compote

After a somewhat longer break – first a full job calendar, then vacation – the blog continues on time for autumn. Now is the time of the delicious fruits and vegetables again: apples, pumpkins, pears, potatoes – wonderful! Today I brought you a cheesecake filled with apple and butternut squash. I love autumn! For me, especially on sunny days, this is simply the best time of the year: the leaves change color, the sun warms up a bit, I feel like knitting again, there is fresh Federweißer and the best thing: it’s finally apple pie season! Apple and cake is also a real dream team.